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We’re now a week on from the release of the iPhone X, and as usual some reported issues are garnering attention in the media.  Since it’s release, the reception for the iPhone X has been overwhelmingly positive, with reviewers highlighting the slew of new features as a huge upgrade on previous iPhone models.

Along with these positive reviews, there are some issues which have also been commonly mentioned. One topic in particular which is always prevalent with the release of a new phone is it’s level of durability. As the years roll on, improvements have been made to the strength of the screen, with the intention of making the phone more durable. Unfortunately, it looks like Apple’s efforts have been in vain, as drop tests have confirmed that the iPhone X is one of the most fragile iPhones ever released. Partly responsible for this is the changes that were made to the construction of the iPhone for this model.

To accommodate wireless charging, the housing of the phone had to be changed from the all metal casing used since the iPhone 5 to an all glass back. This unfortunately means that the strength of the phone is compromised, resulting in more damaged screens and cracked backs.

Other issues have also been mentioned, such as problems with the touch screen in cold weather, which Apple have stated is a solvable issue with an iOS update.

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