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The Samsung Galaxy S8 was the perfect follow up to the Galaxy S7, a more refined handset that improved on a lot of the features that made the S7 so good, as well as adding some new ones.

1 Floating Shutter Button

When using the camera, you can drag and move the shutter button around the screen, perfect for taking pictures one handed.

2 Back Button Mirroring

On all Samsung phones the back button is on the bottom of the phone, to the right of the home button. On the Galaxy S8 you can move it to the left if you so choose, and but the recent apps button on the right.

3 Skip Lock Screen

Rather than waking the phone up and seeing the lock screen first, you can remove this on the Galaxy S8, setting the phone to skip the lock screen and wake directly to the home screen.

4 Double Audio Output

Rather than being restricted to connecting just one audio device using Bluetooth, with the S8 you can connect two audio devices simultaneously.

5 Swipe Up for Apps

Rather than having an ‘Apps’ icon on your home screen, you can now simply swipe up to access Apps.

6 Performance Mode

You can now switch on the dedicated performance mode, letting the phone work at optimum levels without attempting to conserve battery.

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